Campaign Websites for Conservative Politicians

For political candidates to be successful in their bids for public office, they must have campaign websites that perform three critical functions.  A great campaign website will provide the candidate with forum to tell their prospective voters who they are, what they stand for and what they want to achieve.  It will act as a vehicle to build a list of supporters, volunteers, and take in contributions from donors.  Your campaign website will become a platform for the conservative candidate to keep their constituents and general public informed about current events, legislation, and policy implementation.

The right campaign website service provider can make sure that your campaign website meets these criteria.  On this page you will find articles and resources to help you identify and choose the campaign website service provider that best meets the needs for your particular situation.

Great campaign websites for conservative politicians must professionally
and succinctly meet these three objectives:

Candidate & Policy

Candidate websites must contain two topical areas that are vitally important for the success of the campaign.  They must contain a bio section that reveals the background, character, and expertise of the candidate.  Family, history in the area, public service involvement, etc. are all important.  Also, the policy goals and agenda must be laid out in an easy to understand form. These sections help build likability and connection.

Supporters & Donors

If a campaign website doesn't have a conversion-focused application of marketing principles designed to build a big list of supporters, convert them to volunteers, and eventually into donors, the website is no good. It will NOT provide what the conservative candidate needs to win election.  Visitors must be able to donate to the campaign directly on the campaign website, and be tracked in accordance with all regulations.

Constituents & the Public

With the inaccuracy, blatant bias, and political spin put on almost all information coming from mainstream media, Candidates on the right need a weapon.  It is vitally important for conservative candidates (and office holders) to have a platform that they control completely to keep their constituents and the general public informed.  Not only is it important prior to election, but after election it should be used to build a 'bully pulpit' so the candidate can communicate.

Below are the most important articles that I've published to help you evaluate and make your choices for the right service provider for campaign websites for your political campaign.

Why Every Conservative Political Candidate Must Have (And KEEP) A Campaign Website

It seems such a simple statement, completely self-evident, and yet here I am writing an article about the topic because not nearly enough conservative candidates understand the critical truth represented by it. Conservative candidates are already at a disadvantage on a national level because of media bias.  Just look at the research done by Media Research Center [reported by Fox News] that shows 96% of all coverage on President Trump since the Impeachment Hearings began has been negative.  More and more, that bias extends to candidates at local and state level offices because the media gets its marching orders to

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Campaign Websites

Ease Of Creating & Maintaining Your Campaign Website

I'm betting that you're also NOT a website designer nor are you a web hosting expert.  Don't feel bad, I'm no politician, that's why I do what I do.  We don't think it is smart for great conservative candidates to spend time away from their main job, campaigning and get elected to enact a conservative agenda.

Our thought is they should leave the website hosting, design, implementation, and maintenance up to the professionals. That is exactly why we built our multi-level candidate website service offerings.  From simple managed hosting that takes care of all the web server side of the web hosting, all the way to our Platinum Level "Done-for-You" managed website hosting. In that service level, we take care of every detail of creating, launching maintaining, growing, and promoting your website.

The Easiest Campaign Website Ever

About Campaign Websites by “I built this service so that conservative candidates could have a world class campaign website

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Campaign Websites Performance Indicatiors

Campaign Website Performance Indicators

As you read above, there are three overall critical objectives that your campaign website must provide in order for it be a valuable asset and contribute successfully to your campaign.  It has to present compelling bio of you that helps connect you with the audience.  High quality pictures are a must.  You should also make sure that you campaign website provider is capable of handling video and audio embedded on your site.

Also, you have to have forms and buttons that connect to list gathering tools and donation collection tools.  You'll know if the campaign website is performing by the number of signups and donations, often measured as a percentage of unique visitors.

A great provider of campaign websites will have tools in place to measure traffic and conversions, to do A/B testing to increase conversions. Your provider will provide regular reporting to you to keep you informed on the campaign website's progress.

Campaign Website Performance – There’s Lots To Know

Campaign Website Performance Tools Even for a web designer/web developer professional, there is a TON of things that you need to

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Campaign Website Security

Crucial Factors In Campaign Website Security

Are you a website security expert?  I'm betting the answer is "NO!"  And if the answer is no, shouldn't the company that you are having provide web hosting for your campaign website be there to pick up the slack.  We think the answer is yes.  Your website hosting company should make it easy (or even provide and install) to get you site up and running on SSL.  

They should provide tools and/or services that:

  • keep you save from hackers 
  • stop Denial Of Service attacks 
  • stop Brute Force Attacks 
  • keep you safe from malware 
  • prevent cross-site script injection 

and a host of other things that can wreak havoc on your website. Don't settle for a web hosting company that doesn't provide top-notch security tools and services to keep your campaign website safe.

Campaign Websites

Campaign Websites for Conservative PoliticiansFor political candidates to be successful in their bids for public office, they must have campaign

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Campaign Website Reliability

Reliability Factors For Campaign Website Hosting

So we've told you that website reliability is a very important factor in the success of your campaign website overall, but what does that really mean? If you review the articles below, you will get a really good idea of what things are included in our definition of reliability.  Also, you will learn how to make sure you make the right choices for a web host that can provide that to you for your campaign website.

Campaign Websites

Campaign Websites for Conservative PoliticiansFor political candidates to be successful in their bids for public office, they must have campaign

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Our Campaign Websites For Conservative Political Candidates

Because of the incredible complexity of choosing a website hosting provider, and ALL the related tasks that go along with creating your web presence.  The creating, maintaining, and managing an online presence, we've created 3 Levels of Managed Website Hosting for campaign websites.

As a political candidate your plate is already full enough with events, debates, meet & greets, and all the things you need to do to get elected.

Let us take care of the website headaches for you.  Check out out Managed Website Hosting and choose the level that is right for your campaign website.

Carl Chapman Sr.

In The Hard Fought World of Politics, a World Class Campaign Website Could be the Difference in Being Elected or Not!

Hi, I'm Carl Chapman, the founder and principal developer here at  I've been building high-performance websites for various sized businesses for the last 15 years.  I can say confidently, I am quite good at it.

Why get a campaign website from

This service was created, the managed website hosting service for conservative political candidates and politicians that builds high-performance campaign websites, for two reasons:

  1. I'm passionate about our country, its foundational roots in conservatism.  I want to help make sure that I do everything I can to bring those principles of governance back to the forefront.
  2. I have been very successful at building websites that sell millions of dollars worth of products. Websites that build very large mailing lists in the millions of contacts. It is my desire to bring that expertise to bear in order to help conservative candidates across the country get elected.

No political candidate can hope to get elected unless they have a high performance campaign website hosted with a provider that has top-notch service.  As a political candidate, more than likely, you already know you need a website. But likely you are stuck on is "who is going to build my campaign website."

What we do here, is take care of all the hassle of building and launching website hosting by providing managed website hosting on a WordPress platform - the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world.

What About Other Campaign Website Providers?

There are lots of ways to get a campaign website up and running.  You could buy a template from a template selling eCommerce website - but that only gets you a structure.  Even so, you still have to find a place to host your campaign website.   And someone to do all the work involved in getting your information put on the pages of the template.

You could hire one of those high school wiz kids whose parents you're friends with and have him/her build the pages of your website.  But then you still have the question of where you're going to have it hosted.

You could hire a consulting firm that builds custom websites and hosts them on their severs, but that is really EXPENSIVE.    


Wouldn't you rather be working with a campaign website company whose sole purpose, whose only focus was in working with conservative political candidates and getting them elected?

Why Only Campaign Websites for Conservatives?

I mean think about it, the most powerful tech companies in the world, could eat my company and spit it out if they chose to.  They have hundreds of engineers who could build websites a lot faster than we can.  Don't get me wrong, we will have your campaign website built and hosted much faster than you will think possible, but let's be real, Google or Facebook could do it many times faster. 

However, do you really want the liberals at those companies working on your website?  Seeing your donors and supporters?  Do you really think they will be working hard to see you get elected?  It it realistic for you to think they'll give you the kind of priority that I will?

I wouldn't go near them with a ten foot pole.  Imagine Mark Zuckerberg taking an interest in YOU, as a conservative, getting elected.  My personal feeling, he'd be more likely to take a personal interest in making sure that you don't get elected. 

There are also other campaign website companies, who don't have as obvious, or at least not an outwardly obvious bias against conservative candidates.   


Again, wouldn't you rather work with a company built from the ground up to serve only conservative politicians and candidates? 

Doesn't it make more sense to you have work with a company that has the same values as you? That believes what you believe?  A company that does everything that it can, everyday, to try to make sure that website hosting for conservative political candidates is flawless?  A team that helps present you in the best possible they can be so that YOU and those like you can get elected? 

Are There Others Doing Campaign Websites For Conservatives?

We tried very hard to find some, but we just couldn't.  My team and I looked everywhere and Googled like crazy.  NOTHING!

What we did find was a bunch of web hosting companies who have landing pages that are specifically designed to show up when you search for "campaign websites for conservative candidates."  Those search terms lead you to a page talking about Republicans, the GOP, and conservatives.  But those same service providers also have landing pages that are optimized for "democrat" and "democrats" and "liberals" and "third-party candidates."  

Those providers are counting on you not to notice that they are working with every political faction there is.  They are hiding from you that fact and only reveal that they will work with anyone, if you really dig deep.  

I don't know about you, I just would trust a company like that.

What Should You Do Now?

If you have read this far, and everything we've told you makes sense. And you are a conservative candidate for a political office in the United States - we hope that you'll visit our page to learn more.  Then we hope you'll sign up for one of our campaign website packages.

However, you may not be ready at this time, to choose us as your campaign website provider. But when you are, we will be here.  We look forward to helping you win your election!  In the mean time, make sure you sign up below to get on our VIP List for exclusive content.  Just fill in your first name and email, and will add you to our VIP list.

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