Today I’m excited to announce the launch of a pet project of mine that I hope will have a huge impact on our great country – managed website hosting and web services for conservative candidates and politicians.

My friends know that I’m a constitutional conservative and passionate about preventing the further decline of our great nation.  Most of them probably don’t know that I’ve been active in local politics and volunteered for a number of conservative candidates who have sought (and won) election at the city level.  Some have moved on to the state level since winning at the city government level.

Personally, I believe all politics is local, and that if you want conservative principles played out at the national level, you have to start electing folks at the local level who will govern with conservative guidance and put policies in place that adhere to the US Constitution.   Any candidate that visited my home was quizzed on their stand to the three ‘litmus test’ issues that I use to quickly tell me if a candidate is worthy of my support:

  1. What is your stance on abortion?
  2. What is your stance on the Second Amendment?
  3. What is your stance on the Tenth Amendment?

Politicians who can’t answer these simple questions correctly and discuss them intelligently are not worthy of my support, nor of any patriot’s support.  As I watched the cronyism and corruption of the unprincipled, liberal. power-hungry politicians in my own little city, it made me burn with angry and a white-hot desire to do something about it.

A lot of folks have suggested I run for office, but I don’t think that is the best way for me to serve.  As I pondered how to have the greatest impact, I also tried to listen to what God had to say about it.  It is certain that he was the one who put on my heart that any politician who doesn’t have the judgment to know that killing the unborn is wrong, that person doesn’t have the judgment to govern in any capacity.  It is also certain that he put on my heart that I should start volunteering for candidates who met my (and I thoughtfully believe) and his standards.  I did that for years and spent hundreds of hours shaking signs at strategic traffic locations, hosting and sponsoring neighborhood meetings, AND building websites.

I have a talent for building websites.  I love to do it.  And I’m pretty good at building websites that encourage visitors to interact, Career Confidentialbecome prospects, and then leading those prospects to become customers.  I’ve used marketing strategies and tactics to build email lists that contained millions of potential customers.  My main business has garnered traffic in the hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors, and captured tens of thousands of customers in 92 countries around the globe.

Putting all my Internet marketing, web development, and search engine optimization talents to work for those who aspire to political office came upon me as the absolute best way for me to contribute in the world of politics.  Some people might be surprised that I am choosing to purposefully limit my potential customer pool by working only with conservative politicians.  I mean I could easily just build a templating system, have anyone running for office just fill in a few blanks, and bang out a website that would work for candidates of any political stripe.  That just won’t do.  You see, if I’m involved in building the website, I want that candidate to win.  And I will never EVER do anything to help a liberal/progressive/communist win any election.

There was a time, maybe only back as far as the 1960s where Democrats and Republicans all wanted our country and its citizens to be free, safe, and successful.  They just differed in the policy prescriptions that they thought would bring about those things most effectively.  At that time in history, I would still staunchly support Republicans, because I thought they were right, but I could perhaps see (if websites existed back then) building websites for Democrats, on occasion.

But in today’s world, it is impossible for me to think of any committed Democrat in favorable terms that would allow me to do business with them.  They are the enemy.  They hate our country and everything it stands for.  They don’t value the precious life that God bestows upon the unborn at the time of conception.  They don’t value our citizens, putting the ‘needs’ of illegals over veterans and the homeless.  The stress victimhood in order to create dependable voting blocks.  Their message is envy, privilege, and racism.  They are evil.  They must be stopped.  I will do everything in my power to help bring this about.  One candidate at a time.

So that’s the story of how I got here and how came to be.  Our mission is to bring about political reformation and refocus to founding principles by providing high-performance websites to conservative political candidates and politicians.  I have big plans for the future, but we will start with this, and do our best to build a strong foundation to meet those future goals.

I’m asking YOU to help.  If you are a conservative, you can help this movement by doing three simple things:

  1. Visit our Facebook page – like and share it.
  2. Share our website and this article on your social media, link to our site from you blog and web properties.
  3. Download the press release and share that with anyone you know who is in the media or a media influencer.

Thank you for taking time to read this post.  I’d love to hear from you.  Just fill out a comment in the comments section below and I’ll approve it and comment back.  Thank you in advance for your help, may God bless you and God bless America.