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We are about embark on a journey into what will be a pretty long, and hopefully very instructive, article that outlines just exactly how you can build the perfect campaign website.  In fact, my plan for the article is for it to be so exhaustive in nature that it really can't be written in just one sitting.

Actually, I could write the article in one sitting, but it might be months before it was finished and there is plenty of information that will be truly helpful to you and other readers right now.  So I'm going to release it episodically, with a big chunk of information at each update of the article.  No nee to look anywhere but here for the updates.  Just bookmark this page, and as we go, we'll add each section as we go along.

When we finish the entire article, you will have step-by-step instructions on how to build your campaign website so that it does the job that you expect as a candidate.  You are likely to be enlightened beyond what you originally expected.  That's a good thing.  So, let's get started on learning how to create the perfect campaign website.

Ultimate Guide to Creating
the Perfect Campaign Website
Table of Contents

1) Determine Your Political Goals:

It may not be obvious, but your long term political goals will have a great deal with how you go about almost every aspect of creating your website.  We'll cover it all.

2) Choose Your Domain Name:

We'll cover what is important about a domain name, and how it can affect the public's view of your campaign.  We'll talk about where and how to buy your domain.

3) What Will Your Campaign Website Consist Of?

You'll learn what the possibilities for your website are and how all your choices for what you choose are influenced by your goals.  How to think about your website short term and long term.

4) Choosing Your Platform:

We'll cover the various options available for what technology platform to use for your website.  We'll also recommend the best option for your campaign website.

5) Choosing the Type Hosting for Your Website

There are different types of website hosting available at varying price points.  We'll compare them and recommend the hosting that we think will be right for the "perfect" campaign website.

6) Who Will Build Your Website?

We'll discuss the fact that someone will have to be the person that builds your website and what that means.

7) Who Will Create Your Content?

Even if you're all set on who will build your campaign website, there is a need for someone to create the initial website content as well as subsequent content.

8) Who Will Update Your Content?

Even if you have great writers creating content for you, there is a need to have someone who is an expert at using the platform you've chosen do the actual content updating.

9) Who Will Maintain Your Campaign Website?

In addition to the content side of your website, there is also the server side, including all the various components and software that comprises your platform.  Someone needs to be responsible for keeping all of that up and running and updated.

10) What Will You Do With Your Campaign Site After the Election?

Depending upon the election results, you will have some choices to make about what you will do with your website.  Heavily influencing your choices should be your long term political aspirations.

In The Beginning, You Decided To Run...

But aside from wining this election, have you decided what your political goals are?  Have you decided if you want to make a career of politics?  Have you decided that you just want to win this one election, serve your term, then retire back to the world without politics?

Determine Your Political Goals

Your political goals have a direct effect on the job you will need your campaign website to do.  If you are planning on a life-time of political service, or at least planning to serve a significant amount of time, your attitude about your website should be serious.

Want to Serve Long-Term?

As a long-term politician, you should look at your campaign website as an asset that will definitely create a return for you in this and follow-on campaigns. Websites, when properly built and maintained become more valuable over time. This is basically due to the way that search engine algorithms work.  Significant value is given to the "age" of a domain, making older domains naturally rank higher than young domains.  Higher search engine rankings mean more traffic.

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More traffic means the likelihood of gaining more supporters, volunteers, and more donors.  It also means the possibility of selling campaign merchandise.  Your website, for a long-term political aspirant, will serve as a platform for you to express yourself, keep your constituents informed, and to shape the conversation regarding the area where you serve.

Campaign Website Related Things to Think About If You Want a Long Career in Politics

  • You may hold many different positions in vastly different regions of the country.
  • Tying yourself to a region or particular office may make your website disposable.
  • Your name will (almost) always be with you.
  • If you get married, will your name change.
  • Building your domain name with words that don't change is a good idea.
  • Hiring professionals from the beginning keeps you from making mistakes.

Serving Short-Term?

How should you think about your website if you expect your service in the political realm to be fairly short?  Glad you asked (well glad you let me ask on your behalf.)  Ostensibly, you got in the race to win your election.  And if that's the case, you should be equally serious about your website.  You might not have to have a long-term view of how valuable the website will become over time, but you should realize just how important your website is to actually winning the race.  Because the website can be a pivotal toll in helping build your team along with building an impression of you as a candidate, you'll want to make you decision about your campaign website so that it reflects well upon you.  Sloppy, ill performing, poorly thought out website choices will leave the impression that leaves voters thinking that is how you will treat your duties in office.

Campaign Website Related Things to Think About If You Will Be Short Term in Politics

  • Are you sure that you won't be running for different offices in different geographies.
  • Your website may not need to be around for a long time, maybe just one term.
  • Using the name of the office, or region (city, country, or state) may help with recognition.
  • If your website is brand new, you'll have to lean more heavily on social media.
  • A very professional campaign website will enhance your image.
  • Make sure that you have someone on your team that can help with proof-reading.

Regardless of your political goals, your campaign website will be an essential tool on your journey.  Treat the creation of your campaign website and choices involved with the gravity it deserves. 

Bookmark this page and check back for the next update.