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Use our handy scheduling app below to choose a time and date for your FREE consultation.  If approved, we’ll discuss the details of our website hosting and full range of services. Totally no obligation.  There are basically three ways to move forward, from our bare bones – hosting only, to our full service “done-for-you” service to our mid-range service.  If you have any questions, check out the FAQ section on this page I look forward to talking with you.


  1. Use the calendar widget to chose a date in the future (blue date, Mon – Fri)
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  3. Fill in your contact details (the form enables after you choose your appointment time
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to make an appointment?

The information that you provide pre-call in your appointment request let’s me know that you are serious and need help in a specified time frame.

The information that we exchange during our appointed call will give me a much better idea of the specifics of your project.  It will also help give you a better idea of what we can accomplish together.

Prospective clients that make appointments for their FREE consultation are treated with more urgency and seriousness.

If you project is not budgeted and not really on a timeline, you can fill out the contact form and we will respond as time permits.

what happens when I make an appointment?

If you filled in all the requested information on the form, I will approve you appointment.  Here’s what happens then:

  1. I will await your call at the appointed time,
  2. If I haven’t received your call within 5 minutes of your appointed time, I will call you.
  3. During the call, we will discuss the specifics of what you want to accomplish with your project.
  4. Likely, depending upon what is best, I will recommend which of our service levels would best accomplish your goals.
  5. We will discuss and confirm next steps.
How much time we will spend on the call?

Our appointments are slotted for 30 minutes for each prospective client call. 

We should be able to get a very good idea of the scope of your project and if we are a good fit in that amount of time.

Sometimes, there may be an opportunity to extend the initial call if there is open slot following your call and we agree that we need more time together to come to next step agreement. 

How should i prepare for the call?

Aside from having a good understanding of what you want to accomplish, it would be helpful if you are prepared to discuss:


  • The goals you wish to achieve with the project.
  • Timeline of the project including when you are prepared to make a decision, when you are able to start, and when you want the project finished.
  • Budget for the project.
  • The decision making process. 
what happens after the call?

Once we have had our call, it should be pretty clear what the next steps are going to be.

Typically, if we have decided to work together to complete your project, we would have set next steps during the call.  Next steps will usually include you choosing the service level for your project and visiting the eCommerce portal on our website to make your initial purchase.

If things are undecided, I usually will leave the ball in your court and only follow up with a thank you email.  From time to time (very infrequently) I may send out an email targeting certain prospective clients to keep them up-to-date about specials or relevant industry news.

If we have decided that we aren’t going to work together on your project at this time, that’s fine.  There is no obligation at all on either of our parts.  You can feel free to call on us at any time if you think that there is some way that we might be able to help.

what happens if i or you miss the call?

We both know that sometimes emergencies happen. 

While it goes without saying that if you take the time to schedule a call, and I take the time to approve it, we are both serious about connecting.

If the emergency was on your side, we would appreciate notice ahead of the call (if possible) to let us know.

After letting us know, just go ahead and use the appointment app, and schedule another session.

If the emergency was on our side, we will notify you with as much notice as we can ahead of time.  It’s up to you to let us know if you wish to reschedule, which will will be happy to do. 

If we want to, can we meet in person?

The first answer and my best answer is  – YES!

That said, in order to keep costs to a minimum, and to keep the consultation fee as FREE, almost all consultations would be done by phone.

If you would rather meet in person for a consultation, we can use our phone call appointment to talk about the details of meeting in person and the costs involved.

I have been working remotely for dozens and dozens of companies, including Fortune 500 companies since 2001.  There is really no reason for either of us to invest time and travel expenditures in order to meet in person.

I'm concerned about confidentiality?

The information that we discuss on our call is treated as confidential.  I won’t share any of the specific information with anyone else.

If I need to get quotes from outside vendors I will use generic information, or specific information only with your permission.

I understand that your project goals, timelines, budgest, in fact everything we discuss may be secret and its confidentiality essential to your organization’s success.  I will treat that information just as I would any information that gives my own company a competitive advantage.

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If you have questions that need answering before you wish to schedule your free consultation, please do tow things; first read the FAQ section above to understand about our consultation process, second, use the form to the right to send use your question.



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60 Days of Free Hosting

When you decide to use our web services, regardless of the  level of service, we’ll give you 60 days worth of hosting FREE when you purchase using the annual billing option.