About Campaign Websites by ForOffice.co

“I built this service so that conservative candidates could have a world class campaign website even if they don't know a single thing about websites.  We handle everything for you so you can concentrate on your campaign... and WIN!”

Carl Chapman - Founder

Managed Website Hosting for Conservative Politicians & Candidates

Not All Campaign Websites Are The Same

It is doubtful that there is any candidate in the United States, at any level of government that doesn't realize that they need to have a website in order to effectively campaign, and eventually win.  That being said, the problem for most politicians is that they don't have the skill set(s) to design, build, install, maintain, and promote a website.

That leaves the candidate with a dilemma, "how do I get my campaign website up on the Internet when I don't know where to even start.?"  If the candidate makes the wrong decision, it could affect the outcome of the election.  One way to solve the problem would be to hire an expensive consultant and make them responsible for the website.  Two problems with this are:

  • You'll be spending a lot more money than necessary to get your website done, draining resources that could be needed elsewhere
  • You can't be sure that the 'consultant' will really deliver the high-performance campaign website that you need.

Another way would be to find some volunteer among your supporters who has most of the skills to handle the website project.  That may save you money, but you aren't guaranteed that you will have the campaign website that you need to be successful.  You also can't be sure that your volunteer is going to have the amount of time to devote to the project that is required.  You might end up doing a lot of work yourself - not very easy, and not very good for you as a candidate.

That's why we do something different.

The Problem:

As a conservative candidate for political office, you need a campaign website in order to win.

The problem is that websites are complex, hard to design, hard to build, hard to maintain, and hard to make sure that they are working for you all the time.

Websites can be expensive time sucks as well as huge drain on resources. 

The Solution:

At ForOffice.co we take care of every detail in launching your website.  When you sign up for our Platinum Level service plan, we build your website, host it on our managed high-performance web servers, connect it to all your social media accounts, handle adding your images and content to make it the campaign website your own.  We also connect it to whatever list building tool you are using, make sure it is building your list of supporters and taking donations.  If you can send an email, then we will take care of all the rest.  What could be easier?