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Limited Time Offer:  Add your listing for FREE on our Political Campaign Resources Listings page.

What are the specifics?

I made the offer of free advertising in a Facebook post to my friends only and I got some response, but I wanted to formalize the offer.  So I decided to write a post and put it on the blog.  That way visitors  who happen to read the post during a visit, and may be in a business that caters to political candidates could take advantage of FREE advertising on the site.  Or perhaps they could/would share it with a friend that would benefit.

Here’s what the offer is and what you have to do to take advantage of it.  We have a page on the website called Political Campaign Resources that provides political campaign resources listings.  There are already a quite a few categories of service providers on the page, many of which have no businesses represented.  If you wish to have a link to your business, with a thumbnail image and  brief description, all you have to do is fill our a “listing request.”  Provide us with the relevant information regarding your business or service that you offer for political campaigns.  If the business truly service the needs of political candidates, then as soon as you submit your qualifying request, we will post your listing.  Usually, that takes just a single business day.

This listing will stay on our website for as long as it qualifies. You will maintain the positional listing spot where you were at the time of your request.  So first come first served with the best listing positions.

What’s the catch?

Of course you are thinking to yourself “what’s the catch?”  Everyone knows there is no such thing as a free lunch, right?  Well, there is a catch, but it won’t cost you a dime and it will only take a couple of minutes to comply with my request.  All we want you to do is put a text link somewhere on your website pointing back to us.  That’s it.  The instructions for doing it are right on the form that you fill out for us to make your listing.  It could hardly be simpler.  As long as you keep the link to our site on yours, we will keep you listing in its original position.

Because our site is fairly new there currently aren’t a lot of businesses listed on the page.  So you have a really good opportunity to take a spot that is going to become very valuable real estate as time goes on.  When you request your listing now,  you can lock up your spot forever.  That’s not too shabby just for posting a link back to us on your website.

What kind of businesses can participate?

Already we have a number of categories represented on the political campaign resources listings page. They include advertising agencies, copywriters, graphic artists, news media, political consultants, politicians, printers, promotional materials, radio stations, sign makers, web designers, web developers, web hosting.  We also have a ‘miscellaneous’ category as a catch all.  However, we are totally open to adding a specific category if your products are services don’t fit into one we have already.

There are  some businesses or companies that will not be allowed to participate.  Any websites that are not directly (or at least indirectly) related in some way to providing services to political candidates are not welcome.  Additional types of sites that will not be allowed to have a listing on our site are: adult sites, gambling sites, and any type of spammy website that is not of high quality.

If you would like to submit your listing for review, just open the the toggle below and fill out the form.  We look forward to creating your listing.


Link Submission Request Form